Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

Tan Brama, from the Albanian streets to the Worldwide dancing Star!

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He is one of the first dancers to bring the spirit of “Break dance” to Albania. Has tried in several different genres in terms of dance and music. It is about Tan Brama, who will soon bring a music clip that will contain various numbers of “Break dance”, “hip-hop” and street dance. He is in almost all video clips of Albanian artists, performing and helping them appear as enjoyable to the public. He tells “Readmehere” some moments from his engagements and dances, that besides passion now it is his profession.

Tan Brama now has 2 million followers on Instagram, These summer days he is beside the famous Albanian singer Elvana Gjata, performing on the stage.

We asked if young people are passionate about this dance “Break dance”?, Tan Brama said; “It happens to come to the dancing area a lot of young people who are passionate about this type of dance where I can even select some of them to become part of my dancing group, and there are also those young people who come just to spend a nice hour dancing to the rhythms of different music.”

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