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Dr. Howard Kelly and the story of a glass of milk

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The History of Dr. Howard Kelly

One day a poor boy who sold door to door to pay for his education, saw that he had no money left and was very hungry.

He decided to ask for something to eat in the next house where he knocked to sell something. However, he lost strength and when a lady came to the door, he asked for a glass of milk instead of food. She wondered if he could be very hungry and brought a big glass of milk. He drank slowly and asked her:

  • “How much do I owe you?”
  • “You do not owe me anything,” she replied, “our mother has taught us that when we do well not to receive any money”
  • He replied, “Then thank you dear.”

When Howard Kelli (the poor boy) left that home, he felt not only physically strong but his belief in God and man was even more powerful. Until that moment he was able to give up everything.

Few years later the woman became seriously ill. Local doctors did not hope she would be saved, and finally sent her to the big city where many specialists gathered to study her rare illness. For consultations was called Dr. Howard Kelly. When he heard the name of the city from where the woman was, a strange glitter shone his eyes. Suddenly he got up and ran to her room where she was lying. Dressed in his white robe, he went to visit her. he recognize her as soon as he saw her. He returned to the consultation room to do everything to save her life.

Since that day, he was taking care only after that case.

After long temptations, the battle was won. Dr. Kelly asked the business office to send him the bill for approval. He looked at it, then wrote something at the end of the bill and was told to send it to her room. She was afraid to open it because she knew she would have to pay for her bill for the rest of her life. Finally she opened it, and something drew her attention, at the end of the bill she read:
“Paid with a glass of milk”

The tears of happiness did not stop from her eyes, and her heart said only a prayer:

Thank you, Lord, for your love to spread through the hearts and hands of men. “

Dr. Howard Kelly.

Based on the true story of Dr. Howard Kelly (1858 – 1943).

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